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Course Information:  
Course:   MAT 1723 0036 Attendance: Required
Title:   Real Number System

Textbook Information:
  Type: Text Title: A Problem Solving Approach to Mathematics (eleventh edition)
  ISBN: 978-0321-82967-2  Author: Billstein, Libeskind
  Comment: This book is PURPLE AND LIME GREEN. If you are purchasing this book from a bookstore at a different college, please make sure you buy the correct book. This book should come pre-packaged with a MyMathLab access kit. YOU MUST HAVE THE MML ACCESS KIT to complete the assignments in the course. The given ISBN number is for the hardbound book. If you would prefer a less expensive book, you may instead purchase the loose leaf binder edition. The books are the exact same except for the binding and the price. You may also use the e-version of this book.
  For additional information visit:

College Information:
College:   Northwest Mississippi Community College
Instructor:   Cannon, Melissa Office: (662) 562-3307

Course Syllabus:  
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