CFTTC 2022
March 2-4, 2022


The Creating Futures through Technology Conference (CFTTC) is recognized nationally as a venue where the best classroom faculty, administrators and IT professionals come to share their strategies, methods, and best practices with their fellow educators. We encourage those in educational technology research and policy to share their knowledge as well. Please take time to submit an Application to Present so that other educators, and ultimately students, can benefit from emerging technologies.
  How to Submit
Complete the online form to submit your Application to Present after you have read this page. If you are unable to submit your application online, please email for further instructions.

Conference Dates
The 2022 Creating Futures through Technology Conference invites you to submit an application to present for consideration for one of the nearly 40 sessions to be held on Monday, February 28, 2022 thru Friday, March 04, 2022. Session content should focus on technology in education for today and for the future. CFTTC welcomes applications from professionals representing all levels of education, all focus areas, specialists, and business and industry experts.

In keeping with the theme, successful proposals might address the following areas of focus:

  • Emerging Technology - focuses upon the latest developments and innovations contributing to the creation of new technologies and the transformation of existing technologies in higher education and industry.
  • Teaching and Learning in the Changing World - focuses upon the use of interactive computer technologies in traditional courses, course websites, online learning and other aspects of instructional technology.
  • Technical – focuses upon the technology, resources, and policies necessary to build the technology infrastructure for effective teaching, learning, and administration in the higher education environment.
  CFTTC Registration
CFTTC is pleased to provide a complimentary conference registration per accepted presentation for the Lead Presenter presenting at the conference. Additional co-presenters MUST register and pay for the conference.

Application Deadline
Each application goes through a process of being reviewed and evaluated by a committee using the following criteria:
  • Interest to conference attendees;
  • Content of presentation;
  • Focus area/intended audience.
How to Submit a Good Application
To help increase the chances of your application being selected, use the following tips to make your presentation stand out.
  • Apply on time. You have from now until midnight Tuesday, October 12, 2021 to submit. Applications are not accepted after the deadline.
  • Create catchy session titles that are short and not too lengthy.
  • Write concise session descriptions that make it clear what you are presenting, who will benefit, and how it fits the needs of today's professionals.
  • Select the appropriate focus area description. If a reader has an application that does not fit the focus area, it generally receives a lower ranking.
  • Provide accurate contact information.