Thursday, February 27, 2020  
RELEASE 2.1 Electronic Audit Reporting System

Audit News;

 Fall 2019 (term: 20202) is now open for upload!

 Upload window closes on Jan 27th, 2020.

 Please send the attendance rosters via FTP or allow access as early as possible. Auditors can begin the reviews even before completing the uploads.

User Id Process

Coahoma Complete
Copiah-Lincoln Complete
East Central Complete
East MS Complete
HINDS Complete
Holmes Complete
Itawamba Complete
Jones County Complete
Meridian In Progress
MS Delta Complete
MS Gulf Coast Complete
Northeast Complete
Northwest In Progress
Pearl River In Progress
Southwest Complete


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Cut off Dates

 Fall - 9/29/2019
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Audit Schedule

The Audit Schedule is always changing but we will keep this list updated as soon as we confirm with the college.
Audit Schedule

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