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Listed below are courses offered by CCC for the Fall semester. Courses that are Closed will appear in RED and will not be available for viewing.
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Course Title Instructor
ACC 1213 V Principles of Accounti... Carter, Deborah
ACC 1223 V Principles of Accounti... Carter, Deborah
ART 1113 V1 Art Appreciation Curry, Ryan
ART 1913 V1 Art for Elementary Tea... Curry, Ryan
BIO 1131 L General Biology Lab I Reynolds, Angela
BIO 1131 V General Biology I Labo... Reynolds, Angela
BIO 1133 L General Biology Lecture I Reynolds, Angela
BIO 1133 V General Biology I Lecture Reynolds, Angela
BIO 1143 V General Biology II Lec... Allen, Adrian
BIO 1613 V Nutrition Reynolds, Angela
BIO 2511 RYYC Anatomy & Physiology I... Thomas, Cecelia
BIO 2513 RYYC Anatomy & Physiology I... Thomas, Cecelia
BIO 2923 V Microbiology Lecture Furdge, Patricia

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