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How to use this site

You can search for expenses by month or by vendor.

Spending by Month

Spending by Vendor

  • Select the year (the MCCB/CJC fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30)
  • Select the Month
  • Choose the Fund Type (see definitions below)
  • Choose the Function (see definitions below)
  • Select Vendor name from the dropdown list
  • Narrow the search by selecting a Fiscal year and month
  • Or select the year and month to see all vendors for that period


Spending information is provided by the following search selection criteria:
Fiscal Year:
The accounting period covering twelve months from July 1 to June 30.
Transaction Date:
The date in which the transaction was processed in the vendor system; ie. the voucher date.
Vendor Name:
Name of the payee. CJC employees may be considered vendors if they received a reimbursement processed in the vendor system such as for travel costs. Student refunds are excluded.
Vendor address:
City/State to which the vendor’s payment was issued. 
Account/Major Object Code Description:
Identification of the type or classification of the payment using CJC standard spending categories; i.e. travel, contractual services, commodities, capital outlay –equipment, capital outlay – other than equipment, and subsidies, loans and grants. (This will be a major object description, not a number code.)
Payment Amount:
Amount paid to vendor.
Fund Type:
CJC expenses will be categorized into three major groupings: i) General, ii) Restricted, and iii) Other.
 1.General: Current funds budgeted for CJC operations that includes state appropriated funds and self-generated funds including but not limited to tuition revenue.
 2.Restricted: Funds that have been limited or restricted for a specified use by an entity outside of the community college i.e. externally funded grants and contracts. All non-General and non-Restricted funds, will the exception of Agency funds, are reported in this category.
 3.Other: All non-General and non-Restricted funds, with the exception of Agency funds, are reported in this category. The “Other” fund type may include self-generated funds including but not limited to those generated by housing, dining services and bookstore. “Other” includes Plant Fund expenditures and may also include funds designated for specific CJC internal use.
CJC operational activity that the transaction or payment benefits. Functions include: Instruction, Instructional Support, Student Services, Institutional Support, Operation and Maintenance of Physical Plant, Auxiliaries, and other.
Document Number (control #):
CJCs internal reference number for a specific transaction. Each institution will utilize either the check number or the payment voucher number for the document number.